Community is a town square, not a highway.

It’s more than a means to an end. Not just a new way to boost sales, get free marketing, or a channel to pitch without offering value first.

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Unlock the power of community to increase your consumers’ sense of belonging and agency, while improving service, collecting insights, lowering acquisition costs (CAC) and increasing lifetime value (LTV).



The quality of streets and public spaces allow for healthy communities to grow. Community-led movements can help cities change streets from deadly car-choked arteries to safer, more vibrant, people-first places.

To build successful communities through engagement, experimentation, and iteration paired with thoughtful design, strategy, research, and analysis.


We help you identify where business objectives and community desires intersect. Then, we create a roadmap for how to get there and how to measure success.


Roundabout creates and runs pilot activities to achieve "minimum viable community" and learn what offerings and activities give members value and can scale.


We evaluate lessons from the pilot, validate and adjust assumptions from strategy, and build the community platform to take you there.

Growth & Ops

We support you engaging and growing your community, and provide dashboards of business impact, team output, and community health.


Every community needs a roundabout;

an intersection that helps people get where they need to go safely, while slowing down to acknowledge and respect others around them—regardless of what kind of vehicle they're in.

Our team’s decades experience building communities and movements from open source software, to brands, industries, and activism equip us to address your challenges and meet today’s opportunities.

We know the magic happens at the intersections. At Roundabout, we believe thoughtfully designed communities are the intersection between where you are, and where we want to go together.

Led by

Tim Courtney

Community Strategist, Founder

Roundabout is the intersection of Tim’s background, interests, and purpose. As an agency, Roundabout merges online and in-person community organizing and movement building with consumer brand and digital product know-how to accelerate the products, platforms, and movements that will revitalize and regenerate cities using sustainable and equitable practices.

alongside our Partner Network.

Roundabout leverages its partner network including a support team, design, marketing, and platform vendors to bring your brand community or movement to life.



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